Four Crucial Benefits of Competitive Swimming

Exercise is a crucial part of most children’s development. Kids should not only spend a lot of time learning in school, but also playing sports and having fun outdoors.

Building healthy exercise habits in kids helps them avoid issues such as being overweight and unhealthy later in life. It can also be a lot of fun, especially if kids enjoy the sports they are playing.

backstroke drills

Swimming is one of the best sports for such a purpose. It is incredibly useful to learn, healthy and enjoyable. It is why swimming clubs are a wonderful option for parents, especially during the summer!

Here are four crucial benefits of swimming.

1. Low Impact Workout

Unlike other sports and activities, swimming is a very low impact workout. It is easy on the joints and bones, which means that a child is much less likely to pick up a serious injury swimming. When compared to the health risks associated with sports like football, swimming is a great option.

2. Develops Discipline and Work Ethic

Kids who are part of swim clubs from a young age will develop discipline and good work ethic. It takes a lot of effort to consistently perform backstroke drills until your times are faster. Such work ethic will be helpful to your kids when they go to college or start their first job.

3. Lifetime Sport

Swimming is not the type of sport that a child will outgrow. So many kids play soccer when they are younger, but forget about it by the time they reach high school. Swimming is a sport that stays with you, even at retirement age!

4. Does Not Require a Team

Many sports require a team to play, but swimming can be a great solo sport. All it takes is a person having some free time and a swimming pool being nearby.